• Working Under

    The Imperial Grand Council

    Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

    of North and South America, London England, Canada, Bahamas, Trinidad/Tobago and Elsewhere

    John G. Jones Affiliation

    Established in America on June 1, 1893

    Incorporated July 5, 1893 – Chicago, Illinois

    ILL. Calvin W. Bates Sr., Imperial Grand Potentate

Haram Temple # 1 is building today for a better tomorrow

Our mission is to actively serve the people in our communities by providing services that contribute to the vitality of our communities. We are building a better tomorrow one child at a time by committing to our youth and encouraging their educational advancement. We provide various educational grants today, so that our children will have a better tomorrow. We must ensure that our children have an identifiable position in America's future. At Haram Temple #1, WE ARE HERE TO DO ALL THE GOOD WE CAN, IN ALL THE WAYS WE CAN, AT ALL THE PLACES WE CAN, AT ALL THE TIMES WE CAN, TO ALL THE PEOPLE WE CAN, AS LONG AS WE CAN.