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History of Haram Temple No. 1 AAONMS

John G. Jones Affiliation


North and South America


On June 26th, 1971 there was a merger  and unification of four (4) Grand Lodges The MW Hiram Grand Lodge, The MW Universal Grand Lodge, The MW Orient Grand Lodge and MW Alpha Lodge. Along with the merger came four (4) Shrine Temples, Namely: KARNAL+PALESTINE +NEMESIS and THEBES TEMPLE.

The Mission of Freemasonry is “to promote “a way of life binds likes minds men in a worldwide brotherhood that transcend all religious, ethnic, cultural, social, and educational differences; by teaching the great principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth; and by the outward expression of these, through its fellowship, its compassion and its concern, to find ways in which to serve God, family, country, neighbors and self.

Union… Force… Love


After several meeting between the Illustrious Grand Potentates, its Officers and Imperial Grand Deputy Illustrious Marion Harris, it was agreed that these four (4) Temples. The name Haram Temple No. 1 was chosen on January, 1978, at 197 St. James Place, Brooklyn, New York.

These four (4) Temples merged on January, 1978 in the Oasis of Brooklyn, Desert of New York. The newly merged Temples took the name HARAM TEMPLE No. 1. The four (4) Illustrious Potentates involved in this merger were as follow:

  • ILL. James West………………..Palestine Temple No.
  • ILL. Hubert Terry………………..Karnak No.
  • ILL. Isaac Grandison…………..Thebes No. 16
  • ILL. Nemesis
  • ILL. Joseph Moreland – Jr. Recorder
  • ILL. Kenneth Thurgood – 1st Ceremonial Master
  • ILL. Conway Lewis – 2nd Ceremonial Master
  • ILL. Charles Bingley – Captain of the Guard
  • ILL. John Johnson – Outer Guard
  • ILL. Hubert Yearwood  – Treasurer

In addition to the benevolent, charity, leadership, moral culture, spiritual and intellectual development for members of our organization in various neighborhoods, we have worked with other Temples to support Shrinedom in New York and nationally, through the Central Committee and the East Coast Alliance. WE made contributions to Shrine Hospital, Veteran Mental Wards, and Toys to Harlem Children Ward, Diabetes, etc..

Past Potentates are: Honorary Potentates:
  • ILL. James West (Dec)
  • ILL. Herbert Terry (Dec.)
  • ILL. John White (Dec.)
  • ILL. Arthur Revell (Dec.)
  • ILL. Charles Edwards (Dec.)
  • ILL. James Martin
  • ILL. Reginald Graham
  • ILL. Ronald B. Corbett
  • ILL. Williams A. Daniel
  • ILL. Allen Pierce
  • ILL. Andre Cannon
  • ILL. Aaron Davis
  • ILL. Frank Robinson
  • Darren Gregory (Present)
  • ILL. Marion Harris
  • ILL. Nathaniel Simmions
  • ILL. Thearther Coleman
  • ILL. Norris Singleton

Imperial Deputies:

  • ILL. Marion Harris
  • ILL. Williams A. Daniel