Nobles – Current Roster


“Meet The Gunnery Sergeants Of Our Misson”

Our Nobles Title E-mail
ILL James Adams Captain Of The Guard  
ILL Ronald Alexis    
ILL Robert Alston    
ILL Michael G. Apple    
ILL Darryl K. Baldwin Grand Marshal  
ILL Oakley M. Beamon    
ILL Maurice Bellinger 2nd Ceremonial Master  
ILL Darnley Best Patron Emeritus  
ILL Desmond Blackman    
ILL Vincent Bracey Sr.    
ILL Bobby Brown Patron Nefertiti n of Court #1  
ILL Kendell Brown    
ILL Bertram Bynoe Past Grand Recorder  
ILL Dudley Cadet    
ILL Andre Cannon Past Potentate  
ILL Earl Chapman    
ILL Robert Clovie    
ILL Ronald Corbett Past Potentate  
ILL Artie Crawford    
ILL James A. Dandridge Past Ways & Means Chairman  
ILL Walter Daniels    
ILL William A. Daniels Past Potentate/Imperial Deputy  
ILL Aaron Davis Past Potentate  
ILL Samuel Davis    
ILL. Klein Dolcine    
ILL Derrick Floyd    
ILL William Franklin Grand Lecturer  
ILL Dexter Freeman Illustrious Grand Potentate  
ILL William Craig Freeman Ways & Means Chairman  
ILL William Freeman, Jr.    
ILL Kyle Fulcher    
ILL Darren Gregory  Past Potentate  
ILL Eugene Hawkins    
ILL Fred Hodges    
ILL Robert Jenkins    
ILL Tommy Holbrook    
ILL Anthony A. Jones    
ILL Earl Kenner    
ILL James R. Lightfoot    
ILL Jonathan Lockley    
ILL Kenneth Lynch    
ILL Mark Mack    
ILL Willie McIver    
ILL Aaron Murphy    
ILL Jerome Nance     
ILL Curtis Odom    
ILL Allen Pierce Past Potentate  
ILL Frank Robinson Past Potentate  
ILL  Stuart Rose Past Grand Recorder  
ILL Henry Rushing Jr.    
ILL Errie Salley    
ILL Lloyd Sangster    
ILL Joseph Samuels    
ILL Richard Sheppard Past Chief Rabban  
ILL Joseph Santangelo Illustrious Grand Recorder  
ILL Nathaniel Simmons Honorary Potentate  
ILL Johnny Singleton    
ILL Norris Singleton Honorary Potentate  
ILL Ernest M. Sistrunk Assistant Rabban  
ILL Edward Thompson Illustrious Grand Treasurer  
ILL Ricardo Towns    
ILL George Upton    
ILL Clarence Wall Grand Assistant Recorder  
ILL David Watson    
ILL Charles Williams ILL Michael Williams    
ILL James Zimmerman Illustrious State Lecturer